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BiOMAP is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) which is headquartered at Bidar, Karnataka,India. The acronym BiOMAP stands for Bidar Organization for Medicinal andAromatic-plants Promotion.Bidar is a hill top city in the north-eastern part of Karnataka state in south India. It is the headquarters of the Bidar District which borders Maharashtra and TelanganaThe district extends from latitude 17.35'N to 18.25'N and from the longitudes 76.42'E to 77.39'E[7] which is located on the northern maidans of Karnataka.  In Bidar the Medicinal Plant Conservation Area (MPCA) has been established .It is established by the Karnataka forest department and the Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT) jointly. Overall about 193 medicinal plant species area found in the MPCA. It is home to highly endangered species Pterocarpus santalinus the Rakta chandana and Gloriosa superba. The most important are Hollorhina antidyssentrica and Santalum album. The presence of large number of medicinal plant species has helped the locals to take the advice of Nati vaidyas in the surrounding villages in case of any health problem. 


BiOMAP works in the area of training, awareness, research, production and processing of natural wealth medicinal and Aromatic plants for the social health wellness and empowerment.

It  mainly focus on formulating herbal products for Diabetes , BP, Acidity , Immunity Enhancement and various other health related challenges faced by human being .

BiOMAP came into existence in year 2004 with following twin core aim, which differentiate it from other organisation in the field of medicinal and Aromatic Plants

  •     To develop the natural products from the extract of well researched medicinal and aromatics     plants to prevent and manage diabetes and various other health related challenges.
  •    To provide training , awareness and consultancy to the farmers/ growers for Medicinal and         aromatics for economic and social empowerment of farming community in the country 
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