Our product is having efficacy to prevent and also to manage the diabetes, effectively without any inherent complications related to diabetes and even to stave off from the life threatening complications like diabetic neuropathy, diabetic nephropathy, diabetic cardiomyopathy, diabetic retinopathy etc.

This product also work effectively as anti oxidant and to enhance the immunity system of human beings. So even the healthy person may also take. This also work in managing the obesity at slow pace.

Our product provides 100 % result in diabetes type II.

Phyto chemicals available in our product like Glycoside, Niacin, Zinc, Manganese, Sulphur and Chromium helps in preserving insulin producing Beta cells and also stimulating to secrete insulin properly.Zinc and magnesium is playing role in proper metabolism with glucose.Manganese, chromium, zinc and magnesium helps in sensitizing the insulin or utilizing the insulin for proper metabolism with glycosides. That is how it serves the purpose of both symptoms of diabetes type II.

The potassium, magnesium and Glycoside helps in lowering hypertension, Stevioside helps in Vasorelaxation.

Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium along with Sulphur plays very effective role in mitigating the joints pain and also in slowing down or reversing the pace of Osteoporosis, it is observed that 1 male out of 5 male and 1 female out of 3 female is suffering from Osteoporosis.

Iron helps in enhancing the Hb (Haemoglobin) level . Vitamin A enhances RBC level .Any ailments pertaining to Stomach like constipation, acidity is addressed within 5-10 days time by virtue of these nutrients.

Selenium, Zinc, Cobalt, Chromium and Beta carotene serves as an effective anti oxidant. Thus it also enhances immunity level.

We have also observed its benign result on Kidney ( lowering of Creatinine level), Liver and spleen. Selenium along with other nutrients plays vital role in it.

Migraine headache gets complete relief by virtue of better circulation of blood, efficient management of energy level. Vitamin B5 works as anti stress vitamin and also enhances energy level besides magnesium also plays vital role in the complete relief of Migraine Headache.

Thyroid gland function smoothens by virtue of Selenium along with calcium, Magnesium and Zinc. One gets complete relief.

Our product helps in stave off from Hypoglycemia, as it also balances Insulin. We refer “hypoglycemia” when it goes below the indicated level and ” hyperglycemia” when it goes above the indicated level. same is” Hypotension” for blood pressure when it goes below the indicated level and ” Hypertension” when it goes above the indicated level.

Female: it is observed among women that MC becomes irregular resulting in erratic bleeding, back pain, bout of pain in stomach, dullness when profuse bleeding and also giddiness at some times. Our product works very effectively in regularizing the MC and also eliminating all the complications related to it. Vitamin A (increases the level of RBC) Iron( Increases Haemoglobin (Hb) Vitamin B5 works as anti stress, Sulphur mitigates pain. Better management of blood circulation, energy level and enhanced immunity level plays vital role in regularizing MC and eliminating all complications related to it.