“JIYO DIAFREEN” is wonder product from the house of BiOMAP meant for Diabetes mellitus .It also helps in the management of high Blood pressure, acidity and acts as an anti-oxidant. Our “JIYO DIAFREEN” is pure natural formulation, primarily an extract of Stevia , Aonla, Multivitamin plant , Tinospora and many other natural herbs. There are no side effects at all as this is herbal in nature. Besides, protective, it also serves as preventive.

We advise to take 20 drops in morning before breakfast and in evening after dinner with a glass of lukewarm water./p>

As per the survey, every 10 seconds one person is being inflicted with diabetes and equal number is dyeing due to diabetes directly or indirectly.
Our body has an organ known as “Pancreas” having “Beta” cells which secretes “Insulin”. The function of Insulin is to convert the glucose/sugar of our blood into energy by metabolizing with glycosides.

However, with sedentary life style/ genetic/ food habits/ pollution/Excess use of chemical fertilizers in growing crops etc, the secretion of Insulin slow down and even stop in large cases.

As beta cells become inactive/decay causing no metabolism and consequently increases blood sugar known as diabetes,This symptom is known as “Insulinogenic”.Many Pharma industries and doctors are working on it and therefore no diabetes is cured so far. One remains diabetic till death. All the pathies are trying to control the sugar by working on effect and not on cause. If diabetes hazard is to be cured, root cause should be eliminated for ever. Then only we can sight the diabetes free world and enjoy the bliss of healthy life. Jiyo DiafreeN works on cause, by rejuvenating and reactivating “beta cells” of pancreas to secrete insulin and once it started naturally to secrete insulin, the cause is removed and one will enjoy balance and blissful healthy life.

Besides, it also work equally effectively for “Insulinotropic”, when the available insulin in the body becomes insensitive resulting in non metabolism. Thus ,JD enables the insulin to become sensitive to have proper metabolism with glycosides.
Thus ,we may observe that Diabetes type- II of both the symptom of “Insulinogenic” and “Insulinotropic” is well served by our pure,preventive and protective product.

The patient who is suffering from diabetes for more than 5 years, is likely to develop secondary failure. Once secondary failure starts even though one consumes medicines on the advice of doctors, sugar is never being controlled. It always remains on higher side. If sugar persistently remains on higher side, it will create other complications like heart attack, blindness (Retinopathy), Gangrene (Neuropathy) and sex problems.

Therefore, diabetes is known as silent killer. There is no remedy for secondary failure in any pathies; one has to suffer from the complications over the life.

However, there is silver lining and that is “JIYO DIAFREEN” nectar to diabetics, which rejuvenates and reactivates to secrete insulin naturally and be cured permanently to enjoy better and bliss of healthy life.