Even though the sugar level is controlled by taking any allopathic medicine or any medicines, the Diabetics are living with following diabetes related complications:

They have pain in their muscles of calf or shoulder.
They feel dullness in the evening and even a few feel irritated in the evening.
They go for urinals 3-4 times in night
Because of all these diabetes related complications, the quality of sleep is affected.
They may not be able to walk 3 K.M. in one stretch if the diabetes is more than 5 years.
Allopathic medicines develop resistance and as the time passes by and even the increased dose or the injectable insulin fails to control the sugar level in desirable level.
As it is not controlled in desirable level it manifests in following symptoms for which it is called silent killer:
Diabetic Neuropathy( Numbness in nerves)
Diabetic Nephropathy( Kidney damage)
Diabetic Retinopathy( eye problems leading to blindness)
Diabetic Cardiomyopathy( Heart failure)
Our product provides nutrition to β-cells of Pancreas and rejuvenates and reactivates the β-cells of Pancreas to secret Insulin properly i.e. to restore the functioning of Pancreas, thereby proper insulin is secreted to have proper metabolism with sugar( glycosides) to convert it into energy and also enhance the sensitiveness of available insulin to have proper metabolism with sugar( glycosides) to convert it into energy . Thus all the complications related to diabetes are eliminated/assuaged. We also assure you that since it is herbal extracts it does not develop any resistance and have no side effects, at all.