Life science sector is all set to take the centre spot in the coming days. However, one of the most challenges in this sector is the short of skilled man power which does not match up to the growth pace of the sector.There is an increasing demand for trained man power in the sector and BiOMAP is initiating a unique job oriented training programme which will build up a platform to enhance their practical skills along with an opportunity to work in an herbal based organization.The BiOMAP is dedicated to provide scope for better development of natural health sector and wellness by offering following services to the society.</p >

1.Training ,consultancy and awareness program on MAP.</p >

2.Quality product and diabetes free society and healthy life mission.</p >

3.Knowledge building of rural farmers and unemployment youth.</p >

4.Skill development of training commonly by transfer of technology in the field of MAP crop production and processing.</p >

5.Employment generation of quality production and services.</p >

6.Conducting health camps in village for awareness on burning health issue</p >

7.Promoting Kitchen herbal garden concept among rural population.</p >

8.Promoting organic farming concept for quality production.</p >

9.Promoting nature conservation programmes.</p >